SGK Tiếng Anh 6 - Unit 11: What do you eat?

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UNIT 11	
A At the store
, |pg1| 1 a) Listen and repeat. Then practice with a partner.
Can I help you?
Yes. A bottle, of cooking oil, please. Here you are.
Thank you.
8 - TA6-B
Listen and repeat. Then practice the dialogue using these words.
a hottie of cooking oil
a packet of tea
a can of peas
a tube of toothpaste
Salesgirl:	Can I help you?
Ba:	Yes. I'd like some beef, please.
Salesgirl:	How much do you want?
Ba:	Two hundred grams, please.
Salesgirl:	Two hundred grams of beef. Is there anything else?
Ba:	Yes. I need some eggs.
Salesgirl:	How many do you want?
Ba:	A dozen, please.
Where is Ba?
What does he want?
How much beef does he want?
How many eggs does he want?
[Ell 3 Listen. Match the names of the people with the things they want. Phuong	Ly	Mai	Nam
Read. Then write the shopping list in your exercise book.
Can you go to the store for me?
Yes, Mom. What do you need?
A bottle of cooking oil and some rice.
How much rice do you want?
Two kilos. And I need
half a kilo of beef and some oranges.
How many oranges, Mom?
Half a dozen, please.
5 Remember.
Can I help you?
a bottle/packet/box/
I would like ...
I need ...
a kilo of ...
I want ...
half a kilo of ...
a dozen ...
How much ... dò you want?
200 grams of ...
thank you
B At the canteen
EẫỄS 1 Do you remember these? Write the letter of each picture and the word in your exercise book.
Listen and repeat. Then practice the dialogue with a partner.
Can I help you?
Yes. I'd like a sandwich and a glass of lemon juice, please. Here you are.
Thanks. How much are they?
Two thousand five hundred dong. ... Thank you.
Ask and answer.
What would you like for breakfast/lunch/dinner? I'd like ...
LS 4 Listen.
Look at the pictures in exercise BI. Number the pictures as you hear.
{ESI] 5 Listen and read. Then ask and answer with a partner. Use: How much is ...?
At the canteen, a fried rice is 2,500 d.
A bowl of noodles is 3,000 d.
A sandwich is 1,500 d.
A cake is 500 d.
An orange juice is 1,800 d. A lemon juice is 1,000 d.
An ice-cream is 2,000 d.
Write the answers in your exercise book.
Present simple tense
- Do you ... noodles?
Yes. I ... noodles.
-... you ... rice?
No	rice.
a, an, some, any

-... she ... chicken?
Yes. She ... chicken
... she ... fish?
No. She	fish.
. oranges.
- Do you have ... bananas?
No. I don't have ... bananas, but I have . -1 would like ... orange, please.
- Do we have ... drinks?
There is ... fruit juice on the table.
- Do we have ... soda?
There is ... on the shelf in the kitchen.
-1 would like ... can of soda.
He isn’t tall. He is ... .
He isn’t fat. He is ... .
He isn’t heavy. He is ... .
He isn’t weak. He is ... .

He isn’t hungry. He is ... .
He isn’t hot. He is ... .
His lips aren't full. They are ... .
His hair isn't short. It is ... .
Grammar practice
Question words
... is in the living room?
Bi and Fifi are in the living room.
... is Bi doing?
He is doing his homework.
... much homework does he have? He has a lot of homework.
... is Fifi doing?
She is sleeping.
... is she?
She is under the table.
Contrast: Present simple and present progressive tenses
She eats a lot of fruit.
She	an apple now.
They drink juice.
They ... ... some juice at the moment.
She goes to bed early.
She	to bed now.
She gets up early.
She	-up now.
f) She travels by bus. She	by bus now.
He rides his bicycle every day.
He	his bicycle at the moment.